About My Portfolio

“You know why I love your book? It doesn’t remind me of anything. It’s not a ripoff. It’s just you.”

There is an episode of Gilmore Girls in which Rory goes to visit Jess at his publishing house in Philadelphia. Towards the end of the open house Jess is holding, he finds Rory sitting down and flipping through the short novel he wrote. Every word exchanged between the two of them encompasses a large majority of how and why I write. It begins with Jess lamenting all the regrets he had within the text and how he would change everything in the novel except the back cover (a struggle the majority of writers can attest to). Rory’s response is the exact quote I transcribed above.

I choose to make that introductory quote my inspiration for all of my writing, including this online portfolio. With a reference to my absolute favorite show and my heading image as my own mug doodled with a quote from my favorite novel, Catcher in the Rye, I’m off to quite a start. I know my desire to write pieces that are inherently “me” in word format has been expressed through many of my blog posts, and all of my reflective pieces. So, to all of my readers, you are in for more heavy doses of quirkiness, passion, and obscure literary and television references. Enjoy!

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